The core business of DRAFT d.o.o. is advisory support to natural and legal persons with the aim of improving, implementing and coordinating activities related to stimulating economic development in the Municipality of Pitomača, Špišić Bukovica, Kloštar Podravski and Podravske Sesvete, and beyond.

NazivDraft d.o.o. for promoting economic development, consulting, representation and tourist agency
MBRegistered in the Court Register of the Commercial Court in Bjelovar, 04513762
Temeljni kapitalThe share capital of HRK 20,000 was paid in full in cash.
DirektorDavor Deskar
IBANHR1224020061100976390  Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d.
FacebookTvrtka Draft, Turistička agencija Draft
  • The work of DRAFT d.o.o. is supported by four municipalities, on whose initiative the company was created. The municipalities that are the founders of the company are the Municipality of Pitomača, the Municipality of Špišić Bukovica, the Municipality of Kloštar Podravski and the Municipality of Podravske Sesvete.
  • We monitor daily measures and activities aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship by relevant institutions such as ministries, agencies, EU institutions and EU programs so that we can direct them towards addressing your needs.
  • We provide information on currently available self-employment measures and incentives aimed at start-up entrepreneurs.
  • According to your individual needs, we advise you in choosing the best model of project and business financing through available funds such as grants, seed capital, business angels, venture capital, subsidized loans, Proof of Concept, accelerator programs and other available options.
  • We provide advice when applying for public tenders for available national and EU grants.
  • We connect institutions, companies and individuals for the purpose of creating new entrepreneurial projects.
  • We participate in initiatives and activities aimed at encouraging entrepreneurship.

From the forest of all information, we try to filter exactly the ones that are acceptable to you!

Local action groups within which our municipalities are located are LAG Virovitica Ring (“prsten”) and LAG Podravina. LAG VIP includes the area of ​​the municipality of Pitomača and the municipality of Špišić Bukovica, while the area of ​​the municipality of Kloštar Podravski and the municipality of Podravske Sesvete is located within the area covered by the LAG Podravina.

The right to access information

Public authorities

The law regulates the right to access information and reuse information held by public authorities, prescribes principles, restrictions, procedure and manner of exercising and facilitating access and reuse of information, scope, manner of work and conditions for appointment and dismissal of the Information Commissioner and inspection. supervision over the implementation of this Act “Public authorities” in the sense of this Act are state administration bodies, other state bodies, units of local and regional self-government, legal entities and other bodies with public authority, legal entities founded by the Republic Croatia or local or regional self-government units, legal entities performing public service, legal entities financed mainly or entirely on the basis of special regulations from the state budget or from the budgets of local and regional self-government units or from public funds , benefits, etc.), as well as companies in which the Republic of Croatia and local and regional self-government units have separate or joint majority ownership.

A list of public authorities is available on the website

Information and exercising the right to access information

“Information” means any data held by a public authority in the form of a document, record, file, register, regardless of the manner in which it is presented (written, drawn, printed, recorded, magnetic, optical, electronic or any other record). body created only or in cooperation with other bodies or received from another person, and was created within the scope or in connection with the organization and work of public authorities. The user exercises the right to access information by submitting an oral or written request to the competent authority. If the request is made orally or by telephone, an official note will be drawn up. If the request is submitted by electronic communication, it will be considered that a written request has been submitted. The written request contains: the name and headquarter of the public authority to which the request is submitted, data that are important for identifying the requested information, name and address of the natural person of the applicant, company, name of the legal entity and its headquarter.

The applicant is not obliged to state the reasons for requesting access to information, nor is he obliged to refer to the application of this Act.

It is not considered a request for access to information to seek insight into the entire case file, explanations or instructions related to the exercise of a right or obligation, the preparation or analysis of a regulation, or the creation of new information.

Re-use of information

Each user has the right to re-use the information for commercial or non-commercial purposes, in accordance with the provisions of this Act. “Re-use” means the use of information by public authorities by natural or legal persons, for commercial or non-commercial purposes other than the original purpose for which the information was generated, which is carried out within the scope of a law or other regulation. public affairs. The exchange of information between public authorities in order to perform tasks within their scope does not constitute re-use. Information for re-use is obtained by submitting a request for re-use or by publishing it. Criteria for determining the amount of compensation for actual material costs and costs of delivery of information, published in NN 12/14 and in NN 15/14. The criteria prescribe the amount of reimbursement of actual material costs incurred by providing information, as well as the amount of reimbursement of costs of delivery of requested information paid by the user of the right to information, and arising from providing information under the Law on Access to Information. The Municipality of Pitomača has the stated criteria prescribed in the Decision on the Appointment of Information Officer.

Information Officer

In order to ensure the right to access information, a public authority is obliged to issue a decision appointing a special official responsible for resolving the exercise of the right to access information (Information Officer).

The right to access information regulate:

General regulations
  • Zakon o pravu na pristup informacijama (»Narodne novine«, broj 25/13, 85/15),
  • Zakon o zaštiti osobnih podataka (»Narodne novine«, broj 103/03, 118/06, 41/08, 130/11, 106/12),
  • Zakon o tajnosti podataka (»Narodne novine«, broj 79/07, 86/12),
  • Zakon o zaštiti tajnosti podataka (»Narodne novine«, broj 108/9679/07),
  • Zakon o medijima (»Narodne novine«, broj 59/0484/11, 81/13),
  • Zakon o arhivskom gradivu i arhivima (»Narodne novine«, broj 105/9764/0065/09, 125/11),
  • Zakon o sustavu državne uprave u odnosima uprave i građana (»Narodne novine«, broj 150/11, 12/13),
  • Pravilnik o Središnjem katalogu službenih dokumenata Republike Hrvatske (»Narodne novine«, broj 83/14),
  • Pravilnik o ustroju, sadržaju i načinu vođenja službenog Upisnika o ostvarivanju prava na pristup informacijama i ponovnu uporabu informacija (»Narodne novine«, broj 83/14),
  • Kriterij za određivanje visine naknadne stvarnih materijalnih troškova i troškova dostave informacije (»Narodne novine«, broj 12/14)
EU regulations
  • Direktiva 2003/98/EZ Europskog parlamenta i Vijeća od 17. studenog 2003. o ponovnoj uporabi informacija javnog sektora,
  • Uredba 1049/2001 Europskog parlamenta i Vijeća od 30. svibnja 2001. o javnom pristupu dokumentima Europskog parlamenta, Vijeća i Komisije.
  • Direktiva 2013/37/EU Europskog parlamenta i Vijeća od 26. lipnja 2013. o izmjeni Direktive 2003/98/EZ o ponovnoj uporabi informacija javnog sektora (SL L 175, 27. 6. 2013.



Odluka o utvrđivanju financijskih izvještaja društva s ograničenom odgovornošću
ODLUKA o visini naknade (cjenik) stvarnih materijalnih troškova dostave informacija
Pravilnik o ostvarivanju prava na pristup informacijama i ponovnu uporabu informacija trgovačkog društva DRAFT d.o.o.
ODLUKA o imenovanju službenika za informiranje

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